telling stories at the intersection of
social and justice


Overcoming disparity and despair  

one clean shirt,

one conversation at a time. 

Our Mission is to connect to self, other and God in the tangible needs and heART conversations.

Our Vision is a city dedicated to clothing the naked -body and soul- in order to connect over tangible needs and transformative conversations.

Our Plan is to bring a Laundry Lounge to South Tacoma: a place to enjoy food, drink and friendship while you fluff and fold. 

You've heard of social justice::: the idea that we can
distribute resources, share wealth and eliminate poverty. 
Connexion invites you to find out what happens when we locate our social lives in the search for justice.



ConnexionTacoma can't do it alone! 

We work closely with Fircrest United Methodist Church and Create Commons.

The guiding principles of our cohort


from isolation to interdependence.

We exist for Atheists, Agnostic or those who express a diverse set of spiritual practices and beliefs. We maintain the radical hospitality of the blessed outcast Christ by seeking the image of God in all people and places.

from scarcity to abundance.

We choose to create a culture of abundance through multigenerational, multiethnic gatherings that access forgotten assets through creative problem solving and innovative acts of inclusion modeled after first century followers of Christ.

from theory to practice.

We host conversation in brave spaces that encourages movement inward, outward and onward. Our practices are derived from simple acts like storytelling and sharing meals that are adaptable and accessible.

from fragmentation to wholeness.

We move from fragmentation to wholeness by choosing compassionate curiosity over competition and relationship over rivalry.

I need these groups to keep me from isolating in my struggles.
— Local artist, mother and Wolf

Get Connected

There's more than one way to connect!

Women who run with the wolves: Answering the call of the feminine wild

You can connect with womxn of all ages and life stages by coming to one of our evening gatherings. Each group meets monthly and sets the date for the next months gathering at the end of the meeting to make sure the dates work for each person. Let us know you want to get connected in and we can add you as a member to the facebook page where we publish meeting dates and locations. There's sure to be a time and location that work for you-and if one isn't scheduled, we can always add another group to the mix.


looking for a sanctuary on Sundays?

We work closely with Fircrest UMC to provide a meaningful, inclusive, brave space for more traditional, intergenerational and family oriented worship experience. We meet every Sunday at 10am with Nursery care for infants and toddlers, Spiritual Play for kids 3 years or older and holy communion for all.

Coming soon!

We're partnering with professional educators and facilitators to provide heART of Conversation because "It's the stories we don't know we're telling that have the biggest impact." It's time to change the narrative. 

We're bringing back Story Feast. Regular gatherings that inspire us to feed one another on the recipes that comfort us. Traditional meals that are part of your heart culture or family history invite us into your heart. Even if you can't cook or don't want to eat, bring a friend or a six pack and tell us about your day, your dreams, your nightmares and schemes. Bring something that you want to share and tell us a story. It's not a potluck-it's Story Feast! 

All Wolves Gathering. The Wolves will gather in their usual ways all year. We will continue to add gatherings for family and friends to join us over a meal and some good ol' fashioned playtime. 


connect with us today...we're here if you need us.

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"There is no saint
without a past and
no sinner
without a future."
Augustine of Hippo