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The Wolves: Womxn's Empowerment Circles

In Autumn of 2016 Womxn's empowerment circles began forming. We now host five circles throughout Tacoma, one in Seattle and one in Ellensburg, Washington. These circles bring together atheists, agnostics, mothers and young womxn who bring a diversity of experience, culture, ability and desire. Our guiding text is Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estés, Ph.D. Women Who Run with the Wolves. We engage in the work of reclaiming the stories, scriptures, folklore and folk wisdom of our lives so we may build a deeper awareness of the creative ways we can use them to empower each other, our elders and the next generation. We eat and drink, break the ice with a simple question and share the questions and insights from what we have read. Our goal is to  engage in a practice of deep listening; we do not give advice, fix or rescue. Whether you have read the book five times or haven't even found a copy, come to talk or come to listen.

We believe that empowered womxn empower womxn. As a new community we take risks, experiment and innovate. Our curiosity is our compass; the people of Tacoma are our guides. We engage in wolves gatherings as a practice of deep listening throughout our city so that we can respond to her stories, desires, and needs.

Many of us are wolves because we are followers of the Radical Jesus. For those of us who identify as Christians we believe we are called to share the love of the Blessed Outcast Christ and to live the compassionate heart of God. Often this requires we open our hearts and lives to stories from diverse faiths as well as our atheist or agnostic guides. 

The wolves are just one branch of ConnexionTacoma. Through ConnexionTacoma the wolves are working to bring interfaith, diverse womxn's empowerment circles to a neighborhood near you. We dream of hosting groups for womxn experiencing homelessness, underemployment and raising kids without sufficient support but we need your help. The unifying factor in all we do is our hope that REALationship is the way to form the Blessed Community.

Would you and your organization like to partner with us to provide empowerment to the womxn in your care? Contact us today to get the next group started or donate to purchase a copy of Women Who Run with The Wolves for one of your sisters!

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Our first fundraiser was the brain child of one of the artist wolves. She designed a logo and created an online store where you can purchase beautiful bookbags, shirts, mugs and more. A percentage of every purchase comes back to Connexion. We want to raise even more so we can do even more. Now we’re inviting you to support a growing movement.

Find Wolves Gear on Zazzle.com. Get a little something for yourself and a tote for for each of the womxn who inspire you to reclaim the stories that formed you.


Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation-in fairytales, in analysis, and in individuation.  

dr. clarissa pinkola-estés, ph.d.  |  author of women who run with the wolves